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FAQs for Online Passport Applications

Frequently asked questions for Online Passport Applications are detailed within the tabs below. Please select the appropriate category below relevant to your question.

  • Basic Requirements
  • Application Form
  • Photo Guidelines
  • Passport Card
  • Postal Delivery

Basic Requirements

Online Basic Requirements

Q. Can I apply for a passport online? Yes. You can apply online if you are over 18, currently hold an Irish Passport and are not changing the name on your current passport.

Q. I got my current passport for 5 years when I was under 18, am I eligible to apply online? Yes, if you received your current passport as a minor for 5years but are now 18 you are eligible to use this service.  

Q. What do I need to apply online? You will need a digital photograph, an email address and a credit/debit card to apply online.

Q. Can I apply for a passport book and a passport card online? Yes. You can apply for both a passport book and passport card online. They can be applied for individually or together as part of a bundle. If applying for a passport card on its own, you must have a valid passport book.

Q. How much does it cost to apply online? A standard passport book online costs €80. A Large passport book online costs €110. A passport card costs €35. It is cheaper when you apply for a passport book and card at the same time.

Q. Can I apply online if my passport is lost/stolen? Yes, but your application may take a little longer to process.

Q. My passport has been damaged, can I get a new one? Yes, if for example your passport data page has cracked or you have put your passport through the washing machine you can apply online.

Q. Can I apply for a Business Passport online? No. You will be required to submit a paper application. Please refer to current guidelines.

Application Form

Online Application Form

Q. Can I apply online if I am under 18? No. You must be aged 18 or over to apply online.

Q. This is the first time I am applying for an Irish passport. Can I apply online? No. First time applicants must apply through Passport Express at a post office or by appointment at one of our offices. If you are living abroad, please contact your nearest Irish Embassy.

Q. My personal circumstances have changed and I wish to change the name on my passport. Can I apply online? No. If you are changing your name, you must apply through Passport Express at a post office or by appointment at one of our offices. If you are living abroad, please contact the nearest Irish Embassy.

Q. I want an observation on my passport/I want the observation on my current passport to be included on my new passport, can I do this? Currently it is not possible to include observations on a passport when applying online. If you wish to have an observation on your passport you will need to submit a paper application.

Q. Do I need to get my application form witnessed? No, this is not required for online applications.

Q. We are a family of two adults and xx children, should we all apply through passport express? If you wish, the whole family can apply via Passport Express. Alternatively, the two adults could apply online and the children's applications could be submitted by Passport Express (or at a Passport Office if applicable)

Q. How long will the online application process take? The online application will take approximately 10 minutes, provided you already have your digital photo or photo code ready to upload.

Q. I have more than 12 months' validity on my passport. Can I apply online? No. In order to apply online, you must have less than 12 months' validity remaining on your current passport. This does not apply for applications due to lost, stolen or damaged passports.

Q. My passport has been expired for more than 5 years. Can I apply online? No. In order to apply online, your passport must have expired less than 5 years ago.

Q. How do I pay? You must pay by debit or credit card. Pre-paid credit cards are also accepted.

Q. What is my Passport Number? Your Passport Number is located in the top right hand corner of your passport will begin with the letter P or L and followed by another letter and 7 numbers (example PA1234567).

Q. My passport was issued in 2005 or prior to 2005, starts with S and has 6 digits.  Can I apply online?  No, your passport is not a bio metric passport as it was issued in 2005 or prior to 2005, therefore you must apply using the paper application system.

Q. Where can I get a receipt? Your receipt will be provided on your application confirmation page which you can print out for your records. You will also receive an email that confirms your application has been submitted.

Q. What happens if there is an issue with my online application? If there is an issue with your application or with your photo submission an alert will be sent to you by post or to the e-mail address provided in your application. Please, check your spam folder as sometimes the e-mail alert will be directed there. If you do not meet the criteria for online submission, your application will be cancelled.

Q. I received a clarification e-mail and sent my reply. How much longer will it take to process my application? If the issue has been resolved it will take approx. 5-10 working days to reprocess.

Q. Do I need to send my previous passport after I have received my new passport? No, there is no need for you to send us your old passport.

Q. Does the Passport Online Application conform to web accessibility standards? The Passport Online Application aims to comply with Level Double-A of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Photo Guidelines

Photo Guidelines

Q. How do I get a digital photo?

You can get a digital photo in 3 ways.

  • You can a get your photo taken in a Photo-Me booth where you will be given a unique code with your printed photos. You will be given the option to use your code during the online application process to retrieve your photo.
  • You can go to a photo provider such as a photographer or pharmacy who can provide you with a digital photo on a USB or by e-mail.
  • You can also get someone to take a photo a home using a digital camera or smartphone/tablet. If the photo you submit does not meet the standard required to produce a passport, the Passport Service will contact you directly to submit a new photo.

Q. Where can I get information on photo guidelines?

Information on photo guidelines is available during the online application process and on our website.

Q. Can I use my previous passport photo? No. The photos required for an online application are different to those required for postal applications. Also, your photo must have been taken within the last 6 months.

Q. I wear a head covering for religious purposes, is it ok for me to wear it in my passport photo? If you wear a head covering for religious reasons you are allowed to wear it in your passport photo. All other types of head accessories cannot be worn.

Q. Can I wear glasses? Transparent glasses may be worn so long as the frames do not cover any part of the eye or cause glare or shadows. In addition, dark rimmed framed glasses may cause issues in producing a biometric image and would encourage you to remove them. Sunglasses must not be worn.

Q. Can my photo be a selfie? No. If using a smartphone/tablet to capture your photo, ensure that someone else takes the photo for you. Consult the photo guidelines before taking and submitting your photo online. Applicants who submit selfies will be asked to provide another photo for their application. This will delay the application process.

Q. Will my photo appear in colour on my passport? No. The photo on your passport will be in black and white. You must submit a colour photo which will be converted to black and white during the application process.

Q. My picture is sideways or upside-down when uploaded, is this a problem? This may happen due to the orientation of your phone, tablet or camera during the taking of the picture. It will not affect the finished Passport photo as our system will rotate the picture automatically during the application process. Additionally, there are buttons on the picture preview page to let you rotate your picture so you can see it correctly if you wish.

Q. When uploading my image the website tells me that it is not the correct size or format? The image must be taken to the guidelines on the website, stored in JPEG format and less than 9MB in file size. Consider obtaining a photo from a passport booth or professional photographer if you continue to encounter problems.

Q. I have taken a photo on my phone, tablet or camera but am applying on a computer, how do I get access to my image? You will need to transfer your image to your computer and be able to find it in order to proceed. You might consider emailing it from your phone if you have that setup. If using a dedicated camera, you will need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions on transferring files. If possible you can apply from the phone or tablet on which you took the photograph.

Q. I have my photograph on my phone, tablet or computer but can't find it to upload? If you can, try using a file explorer to locate the file before making your application online. Consider renaming the file to something memorable so you can locate it easily during your application. For iPhone users, photos are stored in the photo gallery and will be accessible from there.

Q. My browser crashed or was closed while uploading my image, what do I do now? Simply restart your application at

Q. I want to use photo software or filters to alter the image what should I use? Photos must not be digitally altered or edited, follow the photo guidelines provided on our site.

Q. I have tried numerous times to take a photo but the web-site has rejected them all? Consider having a professional photograph taken at a digital photo provider or professional photographer.

Q. I realise I used a photo of the wrong person on an Application? Contact the Passport Office with your application number.

Q. I have a paper photo I want to upload, how can I scan it? Scanned photos must not be used, obtain a photograph using the methods described on our site before making your application.

Photo Me Queries

Please refer Photo-Me related queries to Photo-Me Customer Care Team;

Phone: 1850 444 342

Passport Card

Passport Card

1. Who can apply for the Irish Passport Card?

The Irish Passport Card is available only to Irish Citizens who are in possession of a valid Passport Book (with a minimum of three months validity remaining) and who are aged 18 or over.

2. Where can I travel on the Passport Card?

The card is valid for travel within the EU/EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland.

3. Do I need a Passport Book before I apply for a Passport Card?

Yes, you must be in possession of your valid Passport Book in order to apply for a Passport Card. (Note: if your Passport Book is lost or stolen you must apply for a new Passport Book before you can apply for a Passport Card).

4. How much will the Passport Card cost?

The fee for a Passport Card is €35. There will be an additional €5 postal fee if you reside outside Ireland. You can find more information on prices and online passport application here.

5. How do I pay for my Passport Card?

Payment can be made using a Credit Card or a Debit Card. (currently Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International and American Express cards are accepted).

6. How long is the Passport Card valid for?

The Passport Card has a maximum validity of 5 years or the remaining validity of your current Passport book i.e. the Passport Card expiry date cannot exceed that of your Passport Book.

7. What is the current processing time?

The average processing time is 5 working days.

8. What if I lose my Passport Card or it is stolen?

The details of all lost or stolen Passports are reported by the Passport Service to Interpol which means they are no longer valid for travel. When reapplying for your new card you should indicate the lost, theft or damage of your Passport Card on the relevant section of the online application form. If you are not applying for a new card you should notify the passport service by completing the contact form.

9. When travelling on my Passport Card what number do I use to check in online?

When checking in online use the card number located at the upper right hand corner on the face of the card (for example C12345678).

10. Can I take a selfie for my Passport Card photo?

No, unfortunately, you cannot. You need somebody else to take the photo for you. You can find more information on our photo guidelines page.

Postal Delivery

Postal Delivery

Postal Delivery

Q. How will I receive my passport?

  • If you reside in Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK your passport will be delivered by express post and does not need to be signed for.
  • If you reside outside of the island of Ireland or UK your passport will be sent by registered post and will need to be signed for at delivery. These applicants should ensure they provide a daytime delivery address if different from their home address.

Q. Can I get my passport posted internationally? How much will it cost? Yes. Your passport can be posted worldwide. (There will be an additional postal fee of €5)

Q. If I apply for a passport book and card, will they be delivered together? No, they will be delivered separately. Your passport book will be delivered first followed by your passport card approximately one week later.

Q. Can my Passport be sent to my work address? Your passport will be sent to the address you inputted in the online application form.

Q. Why is my passport book being sent to my nearest Embassy/Consulate? The majority of passport books produced from applications submitted online will be posted directly to you. However, due to unreliable postal services in some countries, passport books will be sent to your nearest Embassy/Consulate, who will contact you directly to arrange delivery to your postal address.