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Civil Service Renewal Plan

The Civil Service Renewal initiative was first established in 2014 "to achieve the best possible results for Government, a better service for customers and a better place to work for staff".

A number of key achievements were delivered under the Civil Service Renewal Plan between 2014 and 2019, including:

  • Establishment of the Civil Service Management Board
  • Implementation of the Shared Services Programme, the Public Sector ICT Strategy and Government Communications Programme
  • Implementation of the People Strategy for the civil service
  • Initiatives to improve gender balance across the civil service
  • A new scheme to recognise innovation and excellence across the civil service, including through the Civil Service Excellence and Innovation Awards.

In May 2021, the Minister for Public and Expenditure and Reform launched a new Civil Service Renewal 2030 strategy.  The Strategy sets out a ten-year vision for further development and reform of the civil service and is built on three core pillars:

    1. Evidence-informed policy and services
    2. Digital first and innovation
    3. Workforce, workplace and organisation of the future.

Civil Service Reform 2030 will be implemented through a series of three three-year action plans, which will set out the specific goals and initiatives to be taken forward to achieve strategy's priorities.   Progress on the commitments within these action plans will be continuously measured, evaluated, and reported on.

A full copy of the Civil Service Renewal 2030 Strategy is available for download.