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Passport Service - FAQs

1. Q. What services do you offer to obtain a passport and which one should I choose?

A. If you are over 18, currently hold an Irish passport and are not changing your name, you may be able to apply for your passport online. Further information on the online application process is available here. If you are not eligible, or do not wish, to submit your application online, please fill out an application form and submit all documents required.

  • If you are travelling in more than 15 working days, the most convenient and cost effective way to apply for a passport is via Passport Express. This is available in most An Post offices and at over 70 post offices in Northern Ireland.
  • If you are travelling in 15 working days or less then you must make an appointment here to attend the passport office in Dublin or Cork. If you cannot attend yourself, you can nominate somebody to attend on your behalf. It should be noted that the number of appointments are limited and are assigned on a “first come first serve” basis.
  • When a passport is required in less than three weeks, proof of travel must be submitted with the application at the appointment time.
  • Both first time adult applications and those applications where citizenship must be established (i.e. lost or stolen passport) require extra time for the application to be processed. It is important, therefore, to submit these applications at least six weeks in advance.

2. Q. Can I get my passport before the target issue date?

A. It is very unlikely a passport will be available before the target issue date.

3. Q. I applied through Passport Express, can I collect my passport from Mount St/Balbriggan/Cork?

A. Passport Express is a postal service only. We will note your request but there are no guarantees collection will be facilitated. (Please note that Balbriggan is not a public office and not generally facilitated at this location).

4. Q. I am tracking my application and the target issue date has passed. What can I do?

A. The Passport Service has received a high volume of applications recently. Turnaround times are affected by seasonal demand. Your application is queued for processing. Please continue to track online. We make every effort to process applications within 15 working days as stated on our Passport Service website.

5. Q. I have lost my application/tracking number. Can you find it for me?

A. If you provide me with the name to appear on your passport, date of birth, mother’s surname, address and PPSN, I will try to locate your application in the system.

6. Q. I need my passport number to book flights. Can you give it to me?

A. The passport number is only generated in the final stages of the production process. Passport Service staff have no access to it.

7. Q. Can I pay extra to speed up the process?

A. It is not possible to pay an additional fee to expedite an application.

8. Q. I need my passport before the estimated issue date. Can it be issued quicker?

A. Applications can only be prioritised in the case of a genuine travel emergency, made necessary by the death, illness or welfare of a family member. Please send full details, including tracking number, verifiable proof of emergency and details of travel.

9. Q. Can you check my friend’s/family member’s application for me?

A. If the applicant is over eighteen, for data protection reasons, we cannot discuss the application with a third party. We can only discuss applications directly with the applicant.

10. Q. I have applied through Passport Express. Can I cancel my application and reapply at the counter?

A. If you wish to cancel an application you must submit a letter in writing to Customer Care, Passport Service, 42-47 Lr. Mount Street, Dublin 2, or by email. Once registered your application needs to go through the whole process and will only be cancelled when it has reached its target issue date. Your documents will then be returned to you and a refund will be processed in due course. Once the application has been cancelled and your documents are returned from your application, you can reapply at the public counter.

11. Q. I submitted my application based on your turnaround times but my target issue date is after my travel date. Can my application be expedited?

A. Turnaround times are a guideline only and will vary depending on the level of seasonal demand and other factors. The date given by the tracker is the most accurate estimation of when your passport will issue.

12. Q. When will my passport be ready? Are turnaround times guaranteed?

A. The average turnaround times are available on the website. These are a guideline only and if you have already submitted your application, please track it online for an accurate estimation of when your passport will be issued.

13. Q. Can I submit my application at the public counter in the Passport Office?

A. In order to attend the public counter to submit your application, you must first make an appointment.

14. Q. My application has not appeared on the tracker. Is this normal?

A. In some cases, it can take five to ten working days for the application to appear on the tracker.

15. Q. The tracker has not updated recently. My target issue date has not changed. Is there a problem?

A. Your target issue date will not change, however, information about the application will appear under the progress bar. If there is an issue with your application, we will contact you.

16. Q. How can I apply for a second passport for business purposes?

A. If your personal or business travel is mainly within the EU/EEAS and Switzerland, you can apply for a passport card to accompany your passport booklet, effectively giving you a second passport to travel within Europe while your passport book is being held at a foreign embassy for visa applications.

If you regularly travel on business outside the EU you may apply for a second business passport book. You must provide substantial evidence of the need for a second passport. When applying you must provide the same documents required for a standard passport application, plus a letter on headed paper from the head of your company or your Human Resources Department outlining why you require a second business passport. The letter should give your position and length of service with the company, and also include a detailed list of projected business travel for the coming year. This letter should also be supported by a company registration certificate.

Please note that the renewal of a business passport is not automatic. All applications for business passports are reviewed by the passport officer and extra time must be permitted to process such an application.

17. Q. What do I do if my passport is lost/stolen/damaged? Who should I contact?

A. Did you lose your passport in Ireland or are you abroad?

In Ireland: First, report the loss or theft of your passport to your local Garda station. Then submit a new passport application making sure you complete Section 6 of the application form explaining how your previous passport was lost/stolen or damaged and have Section 6 witnessed and stamped by a Garda.

Abroad: First, report the loss or theft of your passport to the local police and request a police report, if possible. (Note: some jurisdictions will not provide police reports – the local Irish Embassy/Consulate will be able to advise). Then submit a new passport application, including your police report, to your nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate, making sure you complete Section 6 of the application form explaining how your previous passport was lost/stolen or damaged and have Section 6 witnessed and stamped by local police or your witness.

View our list of Irish Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Losing two or more passports, may mean you do not get a full 10 year passport, instead you would get a full valid passport that would only be valid for somewhere between 1 and 10 years, depending on how many passports you lost/had stolen over the last ten years. In addition, your application may take longer to process.

Do not, under any circumstances, try to travel on a passport that has been reported as lost or stolen. If you find this passport and attempt to travel on it, such passports can and will be confiscated by immigration authorities, possibly leaving you in difficult circumstances abroad.

Any application submitted to the passport service to replace a lost or stolen passport cannot be cancelled subsequent to the recovery of that lost or stolen passport.

18. Q. What documents do I need to submit with my application?

A. All documentary requirements are available on our website (

19. Q. There is an issue with my application. Can I call into the office to discuss it?

A. If there is an issue with your application, we will contact you. The public counter operates by appointment only.

20. Q. I need to travel urgently. Can I apply for an emergency passport?

A. The rapid renewal service allows for a passport to be issued on the same day if you can provide proof of travel in less than 3 days. First time applicants cannot avail of this service. If you have lost more than one passport you cannot avail of this service. Outside of the rapid renewal service, emergency passports are issued strictly in emergency situations such as death of family member abroad or urgent medical treatment. We also require documentary proof of this emergency.