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Presidential Distinguished Service Award

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Photo by Maxwell photography.

About the Award

The Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad is presented by the President every year. It recognises the service given to this country or to Irish communities abroad by those who live outside Ireland.

The Award is not an honours system. It doesn’t give the recipients any legal entitlements or benefits, including Irish citizenship.

About the nominees

Whether they’re Irish citizens, entitled to Irish citizenship or from an Irish background, the hard work, energy and dedication of nominees make a valuable contribution to people’s lives and are deserving of our thanks and respect.

Who can be nominated?

Only people who live outside the island of Ireland can be nominated for the Award. They must have:

  • Given distinguished service to Ireland and/or its reputation abroad
  • Contributed to Ireland and/or its international reputation and/or Irish communities abroad in at least one of the categories listed below
  • Supported and engaged with Ireland and/or its international reputation and/or Irish communities abroad for at least five years, or have made a sustained and distinguished service on a global or international issue of importance

While the scheme is open to all people living abroad, it is primarily aimed at Irish citizens, those entitled to Irish citizenship and persons of Irish descent, who have made a sustained and distinguished service to Ireland or Irish communities abroad, or on a global or international issue of importance.

Who decides on the nominations?

Nominations for the Award are made through our Embassy network, and are considered by a High Level Panel. The Panel recommends up to a total of 10 people every year from these nominations. The categories under which individuals can be nominated are:

  • Arts, Culture and Sport;
  • Business and Education;
  • Charitable Works;
  • Irish Community Support;
  • Peace, Reconciliation and Development;
  • Science, Technology and Innovation (additional category introduced in 2016).

The Panel then submits its recommendations to the Government for approval.

2018 PDSA gallery

2017 PDSA gallery

2017 PDSA video

2016 PDSA video

2016 PDSA gallery

2015 PDSA video

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2014 PDSA video

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2012 PDSA gallery

The concept

The Award is based on the concept of an open door, which leads to the landscape of Ireland. This captures the welcoming nature of both the Irish people and Ireland as a nation.


Making the Award

The award is made from Irish hardwoods and other locally-sourced materials, using a combination of modern and traditional technologies at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Letterfrack.

The designers

The award was designed by Spear Product Design, an award-winning, multidisciplinary design studio based in Dublin.

2022 Awards

The Awardees for 2022 are: 

PDSA Recipient 2022



Morgan Bullock

Arts, Culture and Sport


Katie-George Dunlevy

Arts, Culture and Sport


Joseph M. Hassett

Arts, Culture and Sport


Fergus Linehan

Arts, Culture and Sport


Prof. Wang Zhanpeng & Prof. Chen Li

Business and Education


Ciarán Staunton & Orlaith Staunton

Charitable Works


Josephine O’Driscoll

Irish Community Support


Mary Ellen McGroarty

Peace, Reconciliation & Development


Fr. Richard (Dick) O’Riordan

Peace, Reconciliation & Development

South Africa

Teresa Lambe

Science, Technology & Innovation


Presidential Distinguished Service Award Recipients from 2012 to 2022 inclusive

Information on submitting nominations for the 2023 PDSA Awards can be found at

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